What is “Comedown”?

When someone is addicted to a substance or rewarding behavior, this releases a euphoric feeling. Euphoria is the brain releasing chemicals to help feel a pleasant high. After that high is finished, there is the comedown.

A comedown is the euphoric effects wearing off. It can be different for every person and every substance. But this is one of the reasons addicts feel like they need to use again.

A comedown is the aftermath of the high and can manifest as an extreme low. Nothing feels as good as the initial euphoria, so an addict tries continuously to reach it again. Of course, they can’t. That first high is not attainable again.

The severity of the low consistent with comedowns depends on many things. The drug, the amount, persons mental health, and even where they are or why the drug was taken. It can be just a small low or a huge crash.

If you have a heavy comedown after drug use that can be a sign of impending addiction. The harder the hit, the harder the fall.

If you continue to try to handle problems with substance abuse they will only get worse. This can eventually lead to withdrawal, which is what happens when the body relies on the substance being used.