Narcotics Anonymous is a group founded by men and women who have had drugs become a significant problem in their life. They are addicts who want to help one another stay clean and sober.

Membership is open to anyone, no matter their sex or age. They are not connected to any organization and have no fees.


Meetings are often held in many different places. They are held in areas such as churches, libraries, hospitals, parks, or community centers. They are designed to be easy to access.

If members attend regular meetings that is their designated “homegroup”. They can help participate more fully than members who attend sporadically.

Meetings are often centered around a series of Twelve-Steps. This is similar to the Twelve-Steps used by Alcoholics Anonymous. They also have open and closed meetings, like Alcoholics Anonymous.

There are medallions given out when certain milestones are reached. Anniversaries of sobriety, or birthdays. It can be helpful to have your strength recognized.

The only thing you need to join Narcotics Anonymous is the wish to stop using.

Narcotics Anonymous And Its Goals

People who have joined Narcotics Anonymous have lived too long to the whims of drugs. They’ve finally decided to step up and change their lot. Many need the support of others to do this. Drugs are a constant cycle that only end up in dead ends.

People desire to break that cycle. Drugs control people’s lives to the point that they cannot manage or enjoy their lives. This also affects the lives of their family members or loved ones. It impacts them in negative ways.

Addiction is an easy disease to overlook. At Narcotics Anonymous they aim to help prevent it from spreading. It is important for people to know they are worth the effort to stay clean. And it can help to have a community around them to give support.