Does the safe level of drinking exist?

Alcoholic beverages have been consumed by the world over since we can remember. But everyone knows that too much alcohol isn’t good for you. It’s generally understood that too much alcohol is very damaging on your body and can cause serious health complications in the long run. A lot of countries, including The United States, teach that that if you do drink alcohol, that you should drink it in moderation. The U.S. recommends that men and women should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week (That’s equivalent to about 7 glasses of wine or six pints of beer.)


But there have been new worldwide studies on alcohol use that have found that there is no safe level of drinking and that we actually shouldn’t consume any alcohol. Because alcohol is a very damaging substance to the human body. Alcohol long term can seriously affect your liver which is the first organ to suffer the most damage from drinking usually. Your digestive system is also at risk because consuming alcohol can inflame the linings of your stomach. This could lead to ulcers and or chronic heartburn among other problems. Drinking alcohol has also been linked to brain damage and a higher increase in developing several different cancers. These are just some of the severe health consequences that come with drinking.


Even in moderation, you still are at a much higher risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disorder. Drinking just 1 drink per day puts you at a higher health risk than those who don’t drink at all. Any amount of alcohol increases your chances of future disease and can ultimately lead to life-threatening health issues. That is precisely why these studies speak out against drinking any alcohol. The negative consequences that come with drinking far outweigh the positive benefits which are minuscule when it comes to your health.


Some studies in the past have claimed that drinking a glass of your favorite wine a day is healthy for you. New studies have found that even though drinking wine does offer a couple of health benefits, the risks and the damage alcohol does to your body far outweighs the health benefits of the wine. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking wine, drinking beer, or drinking low sugar alcoholic drinks; these things are no good for you. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. The Global Burden of Disease study done in 2016 had reported that alcohol use was the cause of death for almost 3 million people globally that year. It also found that it was the leading cause of death that year for people ages 15 – 49 years old. These facts alone show how damaging alcohol is for people and should not be consumed.


Just by engaging in acts of drinking regularly puts you at an increased risk of about 23 different health problems. Your health is the most important thing we all have, and you want to take care of your body as best as you can for as long as you can. Alcohol does not help take care of your body, in fact, it does the opposite and damages your body. Which supports what these studies have concluded and that is that the safest consumption of alcohol is no consumption whatsoever.