Alcoholics Anonymous is a group founded in 1935 in Akron, Ohio. It became popular after the publication of the book Alcoholics Anonymous.

It is a group made up of men and women who suffer or have suffered from a drinking problem.

Membership is open to everyone, and there are no limits by age or sex.

Types of Meetings

Alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike are invited to intend open meetings. Open meetings are meetings open to the public to come join in. They generally have speakers who talk about the struggles they’ve faced and how they overcame them.

Closed meetings are for members only, and they must have a drinking problem. They usually discuss their experiences and different ways to cope. There are often topics with back and forth conversation.

The only thing you need to join Alcoholics Anonymous is the wish to quit drinking.

Alcoholics Anonymous And Its Goals

At Alcoholics Anonymous it is common and encouraged to share your story of alcohol addiction and managing it. They also offer a sponsorship, which is a one on one situation. Having a sponsor means they’re available 24/7 to give support when needed.

They also follow the Twelve-Steps approach. The Twelve-Steps are a series of steps meant to help change an alcoholic’s life.

Being a part of a support group makes people more likely to continue to abstain. Having a supportive group of people who understand you can help influence continued sobriety.


What makes Alcoholics Anonymous so popular is that it is highly centralized on spiritual aspects. For a lot of people that helps them buckle down to the program. It can be off-putting to non-religious people though.

Many people give it a try no matter the religious connections. This is because it is known to be so effective. AA is available all over the U.S. with easy access. A lot of people need that help to get sober.