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Does the safe level of drinking exist?

Does the safe level of drinking exist?

Alcoholic beverages have been consumed by the world over since we can remember. But everyone knows that too much alcohol isn’t good for you. It’s generally understood that too much …

Drug Addiction Among The Deaf

Drug And Alcohol Abuse Today kids grow up learning about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. They are taught to abstain and just say no. But that wasn’t always …

Drug Addiction In Newborns

Newborns Addicted Infants are being born with drug dependence at an alarming rate. There are places where up to 25% of newborns in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) are having …

Cocaine Addiction In Women

Cocaine Addiction Cocaine addiction usually starts recreational. Taken now and again to relax or enjoy a party. Sometimes it’s taken for other reasons, like to help study or increase work …